smilessence teeth whitening systems
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When it comes to whitening your teeth and keeping them white, it is important to know that Smilessence Teeth Whitening Systems are safe, effective, and convenient.

Years of research and clinical studies back Smilessence Teeth Whitening Gel’s primary ingredient, carbamide peroxide. When used as directed by your dentist, you are insured the optimum results that millions of people have experienced worldwide.

Results are often seen after one application. To achieve maximum whiteness the procedure may be repeated. Your dentist can go over what you need for your individual situation. Other Smilessence oral healthcare products can assist you in the care and upkeep of your white smile .

Custom whitening trays will be made for you by your dentist. Then you will receive gel and instructions on how to use them in the convenience of your home. Refills can be purchased from your dentist.